My Inspiration

It’s been several weeks since Some Dogs released. So far the feedback has been positive. The other day I was attending a friend’s Birthday party where they asked me to sign the book. It was an honor to do so. In the process, the other guest asked to see the book. A married couple had their children at the party. One of the parents asked her son to read the book. He went to the couch and started reading it. I was curious to see what he thought. Of course I would love the New York Times to review my book and say wonderful things about it. However, the most important thing to me is that kids love the book and take away the positive message I want to convey. He was smiling and laughing through the pages. It made my day. It was an honor to have a young child, not only read, but enjoy Some Dogs. When all is said and done, I write these books for the kids because they are my true inspiration.

-        Nolan J.

Nolan Vander Haagen